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Intel NUC Kit: More Customization and Lower Costs Barebone PC

November 2, 2021

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The Intel NUC Kits series is designed for those who want a small PC, but also want to customize it. As a barebone system, Intel NUC Kits come ready to build with a range of configurable features. Just add memory, storage, and an operating system and you’re good to go!

What is the Barebone PC?

A barebone is a mini PC that isn’t quite finished yet. The missing parts are RAM, a hard drive or SSD, and an operating system. As a result, you decide how to set it up and you can build anything from a basic media player to a powerful barebone PC for graphic design.

What Does a Barebone Mini PC Come With?

The Barebone Mini PC is a great starting point for building a custom PC. These PCs can be customized with a variety of components, from RAM and SSD to motherboard and OS. You can easily add more RAM or storage, and even add a hard drive or an SSD. With a little bit of customization, a Barebone Mini PC can turn into anything from a basic media player to a graphic design PC.

Barebone PCs are an affordable way to build a custom PC. Often, You can save up to 50% by building your own barebone PC. However, the Intel NUC Kits come in a variety of configurations and price ranges. The actual specifications will vary from case to case.

If you’re looking for a low-cost system, you can choose a cheap model with a modest price tag and an inexpensive processor. Or, you can choose an Intel NUC Kit with 11th Generation Intel Core Processors to get more power. In either case, the barebones NUC is also an excellent way to save money.

Barebones Vs Ready To Go

Barebone computers are usually cheaper, but they do not come with a hard drive and RAM. Typically, these are far cheaper than Ready To Go units. if you want to customize a mini PC to your preferences, the barebones system is the way to go, the system is the way to go.

A Ready To Go kit also includes the hard drive and RAM, as well as an operating system of your choice. This type of mini PC is ready to be used as soon as you take it out of the box. A ready-to-go model is more perfect for beginners than a barebone.

How to Customize a Barebones NUC

It’s important to look at the upgradeability and compatibility of a NUC barebones system when shopping for one; for example, motherboards need to have the right amount of memory and PCI card slots, and space for I/O devices. It’s not necessary to upgrade the CPU, but it’s important to remember that your NUC should have sufficient storage space.

When building a barebones NUC, you should consider How much memory you want to install. Most of these can support at least 32GB of RAM, while some even support up to 128GB. If you’re going to be using this for streaming, you’ll definitely benefit from having at least 16GB of RAM.

For your storage, you need to add a hard drive for storage. You can choose to install a solid-state drive (SSD) in the NUC to increase its performance if you can afford it. Then, you’ll have to install a full operating system. If you want to install Windows, you can do that easily. But, if you want to customize a Linux barebones PC, make sure to read the user manual thoroughly.

Best Intel Barebones Kits Based on Your Needs

There are different options to customize your barebones NUC, so be sure to find one that suits your needs.


If you’re considering an entry-level computer for gaming, then you may be interested in the Intel Nuc 11 Enthusiast for Gaming. It’s powered by Intel’s latest-generation i7 processor. This processor, with 4 cores and 8 threads architecture, has a default frequency of 2.8GHz, up to 4.7GHz.

As a great choice for gamers, This compact PC boasts a powerful GeForce RTX 2060 discrete graphics card, allowing this SFF machine to handle triple-A titles like CyberPunk, Flight Simulator, and Call Of Duty with ease.


Almost all the Intel NUC kits on the market right now are good enough to perform basic tasks such as social media, answering emails, online lessons. But it’s better to have a 4K movie viewing experience, so we recommend Intel NUC 10 Performance.

The Intel NUC 10 performance is an ideal choice for home theater PCs. It features a powerful graphics card and a fast Intel processor for a 4K movie viewing experience. Because of the compact size of the device, you can mount it behind a television or monitor. With the included bracket, it can be easily mounted to a wall.

Commercial Environments

For business transactions, analyzing investments, sales and market related, it is recommended that you go for Intel Nuc 11 Performance.

As a commercial-grade PC, the Intel Nuc 11 Performance has a huge amount of ports for connecting to peripherals. Besides these, it can multitask across multiple screens by connecting up to four 4K monitors, this feature makes this NUC kit an excellent choice for small businesses.


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