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QLED Portable Monitor: Why This Type of Display Is The Best?

November 16, 2021

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It is a given fact that is the QLED allows it to have incredible contrast with true blacks, bright whites, a wide color gamut (100% sRGB), and greater brightness compared to an LED display.

If you also want to get rid of those old monitor devices and at the same time make your workplace more functional and user-friendly, you should consider buying a portable monitor that has advanced QLCD technology.

What is QLED Portable Monitor

QLED is Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode, Quantum Dots offer a different way for screens to produce color instead of the usual inefficient and limited combination of white LEDs and color filters. and QLED displays, as the name implies, are displays that use this technology.

QLED Monitor Advantages

Actually, the QLED monitor is actually also based on the LED display (LED LCD display). QLED can increase the quantum dot film that blocks black pixels, and QLED can display a brighter picture than traditional LED displays, so the light-dark contrast ratio will be better than traditional LED displays. Let’s see other advantages of the QLED portable monitor.

Better Color Accuracy

QLED has high color purity and color reproduction capability, and it provides a better color gamut and luminance ratio in 3D space.

High Brightness

QLED monitors have a considerable advantage when it comes to brightness. Brightness is about 50 to 100 times brighter compared to CRT and LCD display types.

Low Energy Consumption

QLED screens are two times power-efficient compared to OLED screens and moreover, offer about 30 to 40 % improvement in brightness.

Longer Service Life

The quantum dots used in the QLED monitor structure are better able to resist humidity, so QLED-based products will have a long lifespan.

Thinner and Lighter

The application of quantum dot technology in an LCD makes QLED monitors thinner and lighter without sacrificing screen size.

Lower Cost

QLED displays underlying OLED panels only need to emit monochromatic light, so production costs are lower and yields are higher.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons to buy a QLED portable monitor. If you are thinking of buying a portable monitor, this could well be one of the best choices you ever make.


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